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Coaching Sessions

Attacking Midfield Runs

As part of preparation for my final UEFA B Licence Assessment I put together some research on the topic “Attacking Midfield Runs”. I also had

UEFA B Licence Functional Practice

Defending from the Front Functional Practice

This is the first defending functional practice from the UEFA B Licence Course that I will look at. The topic is Defending front the Front where we will look at how the front players should press to make the opposition play predictable.

Center Forward Movement Functional Practice

In this functional practice we will look at Center Forward Movement. The best number 9s are excellent in their movement, we will look at different types of movements to get behind and in front of defenders.

UEFA B Licence Functional Practice - Attack in Wide Areas

Attacking in Wide Areas Functional Practice

In this practice we will look at Attacking in Wide Areas. The aim of this functional practice is to develop understanding of how to use the wide areas of a pitch to create goal scoring opportunities.

Possession and transitions

Description: This session is designed to focus on passing technique when under pressure. Throughout the session players should be encouraged to be comfortable in possession,

Under 12 three team session

Description: Session designed to work with a large group of players. Approx 18-21. Warm up – Three Team Skills Challange Technical practice – Three Colour