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The focus of the session is to work on running with the ball, dribbling and improvisation in attack. Penetration will also be covered in 1v1 and SSG.

Warm up – Coerver turn square

Setup: 15 x 15 square

Players split up into two teams, one team starts outside square and other team inside small triangle with a ball each.

Inside team dribbles around an outside player, then back into the small triangle and repeats. Work: 90 seconds rest 90 seconds.


1v1 Practice – Improvisation

Setup: As Warmup

Half from each team face each other on opposite sides of the square. Players take turns to go 1v1 against opposite player. One team starts with the ball and plays into opposite player who must then dribble past defender and score by either crossing the end line or dribbling through gates (Progression).


Endzone – Dribbling

Two small pitches side by side max 4v4, score by dribbling into an end zone. Once you score you then attack the opposite end zone.

3-4 mins work, 1 minute rest.