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Purpose of session: To develop 1v1 defending and to introduce the role of the second defender in a 2v2.
Credit: Dan Wright orignal post


Players split into two teams in a 20x25m area. Players start jogging in different directions, perform different dynanic movements. Introduce players to different muscle groups. Calves, quads, hamstrings, hips, upper body.

Progress by adding a ball per team, players still moving around the whole area occuping space but supporting. Max 2/3 touches.

Progress further to add a further 1/2 balls.

Session focus – 1v1

Recap on 1v1 defending… Pressure on the ball… Dont dive in… Body shape… Be patient…

Defending 1v1

2v2 (Progression)

Introduce goalkeeper, second defender and attacker. What is the role of second defender?

Who presses?

Defending 2v2

Playing out from the back

Playing out from the back

Free play